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What Worked Partners

Beat the Cyber Bully Initiative is an awareness, education, and training programme for schools, parents and organisations. Its work focuses on preventing cyber bullying, managing online reputations and promoting positive online well-being.

Dubai Foundation for Women and Children was the first licensed non-profit shelter in the UAE for women and children who are victims of domestic violence, child abuse and human trafficking. It was established in July 2007 to offer victims immediate protection and support services in accordance with international human rights obligations. www.dfwac.ae

Dubai Health Authority - Clinical Nutrition Department Provides nutrition consulting services and organises nutrition awareness programmes for students and the community, as well as helps schools establish their policies and procedures on nutrition. www.dha.gov.ae

Green Hope UAE was founded by 12-year old student Kehkashan Basu. It is a youth environmental organisation that takes part in conversation projects, environmental workshops and academies. It also provides a networking platform to share awareness. www.greenhopeuae.wix.com

International Fund for Animal Welfare provides hands-on assistance to animals in need of rescuing in the wake of disasters and advocates the protection of wildlife and habitats. It empowers young people and communities to take positive action for animals and the environment. www.ifaw.org

Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities in Dubai shares Islamic knowledge and culture in the community, as well as promotes religious awareness across the community. It reviews and prints the Holy Qur’an, religious publications and oversees events, symposiums, conferences and religious competitions. www.iacad.gov.ae

My Voluntary Organisation Work (My-VOW) is non-profit initiative that provides technology for community-minded organisations. My-VOW is a mo¬bile application that uniquely reinforces the value of voluntary work amongst com¬munities. Whenever there are volunteers with matching volunteering interests within a 20-km range from the location of the job specified by GPS coordinates, a notification will be sent along with a full job description. www.my-vow.com

Public Libraries Department, Dubai Culture plays a vital role in pro¬moting literacy and the development of our young people. Dubai Public Library, under the supervision of Dubai Culture and Arts Authority, has seven branches across Dubai. The libraries offer programmes, such as story-telling, documentary and educational films, seminars, lectures, workshops and organised visits to their branches. www.dubaiculture.ae

TESOL Arabia works to establish a network of communication amongst profes¬sionals who use English as a medium of instruction to promote and maintain the excellence of teaching and administration. The organisation aims to stimulate the growth of professional development through the encouragement of both practical and theoretical scholarship, encourage the use of available technologies, adopt the instructional methodologies that best meet the needs of students, promote the English language teaching profession as a career and provide a forum for dis¬cussion and support. To find out more, please visit www.tesolarabia.net or contact tamas.lorincz@tesolarabia.org

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